Master the Art of Making Black Salt: Sea Witch Style!

Moon Blessings, my Ocean Tidings! Your trusty sea priestess here with a new post on how to make and use sea witches black salt! Get ready for some quirky tips and advice! 

➼ First, What is black salt?

Black salt is also called ‘witches salt’ or ‘ San Negro’ in some cultures. Traditionally black salt is used in hexing and cursing, but it is more commonly used nowadays in protection and cleansing magick. Black salt was also used for binding work in folk magick, but other uses include: dispelling negativity, spell removal, purifying and changing the power in reversal spells too. There are hundreds of versions of recipes for black salt, everyone adjusts the basic recipe to make their own unique mix! The basic ingredients involve: Salt, something burnt, and something black. 

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Let us jump right in now with the recipes! I have given you two sea witch recipes, an easy quick one and a more authentic sea witchy one! So what are you waiting for, don’t just sit there, go make some black salt sea witch style! 

➼ (How to make) A sea witches recipe:

Easy Peasy Recipe:

๏ Charcoal, coal or, both!

๏ Burnt Match Sticks – Light on the beach and then put them out by burying them in the sand.

๏ Incense Ashes – Sea Breeze (coconut, honey, cinnamon), Peppermint Smells (lavender, peppermint, rosemary), lemongrass, or a fresh or salty incense. 

๏ Pure Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt 

๏ Black Pepper – Add a bit of spice and a protection kick too!

Photo by Tikkho Maciel on Unsplash

 ➛Charcoal – When beachcombing in the summer, you tend to find people have a lot of disposable BBQs, which are often left on the beach but as a sea witch this is to our benefit! The burnt wood charcoal absorbs the seawater, even if it has only been out on the stones for a night. Or if you’re extra lucky, the sea will carry the charcoal out with the tide, then back in again, fully soaking it in the sea’s divine power 🙂 You are also helping to clear the beach of anything unnatural left behind, so a win-win for us and nature! 

 ➛Salt – Many whole food shops sell natural sea salt, you can even buy Cornish sea salt online too! I like to have a mix of both coarse and fine together, about ⅔ course and ⅓ fine. Just so some of the other ingredients can really colour the finer particles, but you need bigger ones so that your black salt is usable without being too messy!

Photo by Jacqueline Day on Unsplash

Witchy Tip – Wear gloves or get ready for black dirty hands!

 ➛Incense Ashes – This wonderful leftover transforms into a completely different substance once burnt, it not only represents air but also fire is used to burn it, earth as the materials it’s made of and water too! By using water-associated smells, as mentioned above, this adds an extra water element into the ashes. This energy can be a great anchor for a spell or a particular deity, making it the perfect boost to us in our sea witches black salt! Bonus – It also adds a smoky ash pigment to the salt, adding that extra depth of colour. 

Throw all the ingredients in together, and mix or grind if you are after a finer black salt. Yes, it’s just as simple as that, and voila! You have made your own black salt! If you prefer a less powdery black salt, why not try leaving in some whole charcoal chunks and match stick pieces for that extra witchy look.

Photo by Monirul Islam Shakil on Unsplash

Witchy Tip – Always seal and contain the black salt as soon as you have made it, if it is left open and exposed, it’ll absorb any bad energies around your home,  bringing it to any spell you use it in. Which is a witchy no no! 

More complex recipe but imbued with the sea’s energy: 

If you’re really into the authenticity of the recipe, you can even grind the ingredients with two big beach stones whilst on the beach instead of a mortar and pestle! This will mix in some of the sea air and add the memories of making it on the beach to strengthen the effects of the salt. 

⇴ Evaporate it! – Collect seawater and evaporate it, to authentically collect the sea salt for your black salt! By doing it this way, you increase the amount of sea energy within the salt you use.  

⇴ Dried black seaweed (ground up) – if brought you can soak it in local seawater to add it a bit of a local connection. 

⇴ Sand! – Bulk your mixture out with some added protection by using sand in your mix!

⇴ Driftwood charcoal – Burn a piece of dried driftwood to get your sea witchy charcoal! You can also burn seashells, gather fire pit ashes or use charcoal left from BBQs in the summer. 

⇴ Grind up seashells to add to the mixture, dried cuttlefish bones, dried crab shells, get creative with whatever you find on the beach! If it’s natural and blessed by the sea, it’s worth adding to your black salt! 

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Messy witch? No problem! Dust in any spilled black sea salt with a seagulls feather you have acquired, don’t waste a grain! You can add in parts of seagull feathers too, just trim them into small pieces with scissors. 

Witch Tip – Fill it with energy – You can also for an added punch charge your black salt under a dark moon or whichever charging technique takes your fancy but I prefer a dark moon as I find it fitting with this mixture. 

Have fun with it, try making your own version. You can even combine things locally to you, to add in a deeper connection location element, such as local sand, salt or stones, or even clay or mud! Whatever you find can be added, as long as it’s added for a reason and has the three basic elements to black salt within it, you’re good to go! 

Brilliant, you’ve made the sea witches black salt, now what? See my next blog post for some ideas of how to use this magickal ingredient!  

How do you make black salt? Share your unique and funky black salt recipes below! 

Let your sand sparkle and may the sea roar, Faithy xx

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The Calling of the Sea: 7 Signs you are a Sea Witch!

As featured in my last post, a sea witch is someone who loves and worships everything about the sea. But how do you know you are a sea witch? With these 7 common traits of a sea witch below! 

Do any of them match you?

Being a sea witch is a lifestyle and belief, it is a way of living and thinking, a strong connection with the sea. As a witch, practicing for over 20 years, I have tried many aspects of magick, yet I didn’t feel fully connected to these areas. But once I found my soul connection to the sea, it felt like home, the place I am meant to be, finally after all the time searching, it just felt right, felt like me 🙂 I hope these signs help you discover who you are, so you too can find your connection and spiritual home. 

==»7 Signs you’re a Sea Witch:

1♦·» Collectormania: – Do you find you have got a bag full of love, magick and wonder; of beach stones, shells and sand!? This is the first sign you’re already on your way towards a sea witch life!

2♦·» Emotions of a Sea Witch: If your emotions are raw and as wild and powerful as the sea, it could mean you are a sea witch! Can your emotions flip in a second like the calm sea can on a summer’s day to a dreadful raging storm?

Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels

3♦·»- Calling Of The Sea – Do you find if you have not visited the sea or any flowing water for a week you start to get itchy feet? Feel the pull and need to go there? Then that’s a big sign you are a sea witch! If you go for a walk and just end up by the sea constantly or have a need, deep in your bones to go to the sea. Congratulations, you are definitely a sea witch! You made it into the sea witch club! 

4♦·»- Feel a Storm Coming? Most people would head inside and close down the hatches, but not you, you would dare to head to the beach to see the thunderstorm clouds rolling in, to dance and celebrate the rain and power of the wind, to gather your energy up and refresh your magick! Whilst collecting some storm water too of course!  

   Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

5♦·»- Lost In The Sands Of Time – Does time stand still when you are on the beach? Do you spend hours watching the waves, in silent contemplation and thought, feeling the connection and rhythm of the sea and her magnificence? Or get absorbed in the wonder of the seaside,  looking for shells, then before you know it four hours have flown by! If this happens to you, it shows your love of the beach, and that your heart is where it’s meant to be, home, by the sea. Your happy place.         

6♦·»-Follow The Moon – Are you often found staring at the moon’s wonder, or follow the moon’s cycles and tide changes? Can you also feel when there is a full moon approaching, or that the tide is about to change? As a sea witch it’s in your blood. You will naturally have a fascination with the moon and be connected to its cycles. 

7♦·»- Cleansing Dip? Oh go on then! – Can you not resist going in the water, even if it’s just putting your feet in the sea? This is a sure fire way to tell you are a sea witch and have a deep connection to the sea! The pull of her power is strong. 

Bonus Signs– Your house ends up scattered with pieces you’ve collected from the beach and ocean, you have a constant salty air / seaweed smell around you from being down the beach so much and if you often work with all the elements on the beach, you’re most definitely on your way to being a sea witch!

As I live close to a beach, I often collect items from them to create magickal things! I will be doing a few posts as part of this Sea Witch Series on the magickal properties of things you can find on the beach. Watch out for my next post, how to make blacksalt, sea witch style!

Did you like this post? Has helped you to realise you’re a sea witch? Share your comments below! 

Love and Light, Faith xx

Cracking the Sea Witch Code: What is a Sea Witch?

Part 1: Sea Witch Series! 

—» Types of Witches

Before we can talk about a sea witch, let’s begin by talking about the different types of witches, this fairly modern concept is where different areas of the craft relate to the type of witch you are. For example: some find their passion is practicing in the garden by growing, digging and nurturing plants and herbs, so we call them a garden witch.

There is a wide range of types of witches, as there are many interesting areas of the craft but here are a few common types of witches:

  • Kitchery Witch – Loves bubbling and brewing in the kitchen! This witch sees food and cooking as a ritual practice, where it fuels us and gives us energy from the universe, consuming food empowered with magick and intent is a way to absorb it. Cooking is very similar to potion and spell work, through mixing ingredients together and measuring out for accuracy. 
  • Hereditary Witch – Someone where witchcraft has always run in the family. The spells, practices and witchy tips have all been passed down through the generations, with each adding knowledge and building up the collection. 
  • Earthy Witch –  Earth witches choose to be devoted to working hand in hand with nature and the earth, they are closely connected to the natural cycles and sense that everything has a spirit and all is connected. Nature always provides, teaches and instructs, as long as it is listened to, which earthy witches do very well. Gardening and growing, plants and herbs,  comes naturally as the earthy witch is in sync with the earth. This skill assists in creating potions and cures for ailments.
Photo by Paul Kerby Genil from Pexels
  • Crystally Witch -Crystal witches are always surrounded by crystals, constantly polishing, cleansing and working with the moon. They can name every rock and crystal off by heart, reiki and energy work is their thing. And they have a whole library full of books on crystals and healing. 
  • Cosmical Witch – Into everything to do with astrology, zodiac signs, horoscopes or celestial energy. So if you know the days happenings for an astrology sign other than your own or what the planets are currently aligning, this could be you!
  • Divination Witch – Obsessed with tarot cards? Have too many packs to count? You may be a divination witch! If you are also interested in reading tea leaves, spinning that pendulum, learning I Ching and palmistry, this is the type for you!
  • Boundary Witch – Also called a Hedge witch, because it symbolises jumping the hedge, going between different realms and boundaries. If you can communicate and send messages between the other world, see ghosts, look into the spirit world or have the skill of astral projection, congratulations you are known as a boundary witch! 

—» But, you don’t need to be a type, you can be a bit of everything! Which in fact does have a name, it’s called an eclectic witch, but to me, this is just being a witch! A witch knows and tries a bit of everything, as we love knowledge and there is magic in the everyday things we do! 

Photo by Adrien King on Unsplash

—» Now down to the nitty gritty , SEA WITCHES what are they?

As mentioned above there are many types of witches, relating to how an individual practices the craft and what beliefs they have. 

I class myself as a white sea witch, but what is a sea witch you may ask?

 —» A Sea Witch, is also sometimes called a weather witch or storm witch. They are thought to have a natural ability to control anything water-related, even the weather! A sea witch is someone who involves the tides in their practices and works closely with the moon

Sea witches usually worship the sea and water-related deities. As well as enjoying collecting items to use in their practices from the beach and areas surrounding natural flowing water. (large bodies of water)

Often the energy of thunderstorms is used to charge magickal items such as crystals. 

Photo by Carol Lemos from Pexels

Sea witches have a close bond to the sea, often it draws them towards it and the power it holds. You will most likely see a sea witch down the beach, or practicing their magick around some form of water

A sea witch is a protectress of sea creatures, and water ritual expert , who is strong willed, stubborn, emotionally intune and more often than not, a solitary practitioner

It is said that a sea witch smells of the sea, and you will always find sand, shells and stones within her pockets! Could this be you?

Sea Witches Tools: Sea water, sand, shells, stones, seaweed, driftwood, charcoal, anything washed up on the shore from the sea, feathers, fishing netting, salt, bottles, jars of water, starfish, bones, witch ball, candles and herbs. 

Think you may be a sea witch? Check out Part 2 of this series, on the 7 signs you are a sea witch!

Like this post? Or think i’ve missed something out?Feel free to comment below 🙂

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7 Fun Ways to Cast a Circle: A Sea Witches Perspective

Greetings Sea Lovers, you’re in for a treat today!

New to the craft? Finding it a bit confusing? Or just plain old bored of how you regularly cast your circle, If so this post is for you

Your craft should be about playing as well as embracing your gifts, it doesn’t have to be serious and all dark and sombre. It can be fun too! Especially when you are a Sea Witch! 

First, What the heck is casting a circle??

Casting a circle is just that! Literally creating a circle of protection around you with your energy before you do any magickal work, to act as a barrier and a sacred space.  

It can be created physically, visionary or imaginary. 

And, Why do we cast circles? 

To create a protective space, which holds the built up energy for spell work until it’s ready to be released. 

It also protects you from unwanted energies, which can upset the positive energy of your spell or ritual work.

Without a circle: Your spell may not be as focused as it could be, making it less effective as it can be. 

A few simple ways to cast a circle is: with a circle of candles, using your mind, a traditional salt circle or calling on the elements. 

But wait, How do you uncast a circle?

Simple! You just do the opposite or reverse of what you did to cast it! If you cast a circle by sweeping the ground with a broom clockwise, do this in reverse to close the circle by walking backwards and sweeping anti-clockwise. 

Now the exciting bit! The 7 fun ways to cast a circle, Here we go:

🌀 Wham! Find a large stone boulder, at low tide to stand on and cast your spell off into the sea with your loudest voice, command your spell out for all to hear, don’t be shy, show the ocean some of your sass!

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

🌀 Pow! Standing in the sea at the edge of the shore, with your foot or hand, swirl around the seawater around you to make your stand of where you want your magickal space to be, you can even immerse yourself in the water or sit down once the circle is cast, who says you have to cast a circle on dry land!

🌀 Zap! If you come across a piece of driftwood, perfect! Get a scribbling in the sand with it to mark out your circle. Or why not try a seaweed circle! Poke the end of the seaweed in the sand, in the middle of your circle, and take the longest bit and draw around creating the perfectly shaped circle you have even seen, smart hey!?

Photo by Eugenio Felix from Pexels

🌀 Bam! Combine with a bit of air magick! Blow sand in a circle from the palm of your hand. Kinda like a ‘bless a circle’ effect! Or even use the power of the sea by spinning around on dry sand, with a container of sea water to create the circle,  while singing or chanting.

Image by Mario S. from Pixabay

🌀 Oooo! Sandcastle circle! Yes you heard me right! Everyone loves making a sandcastle don’t they? This can also be done by stacking up stones on a stoney beach, or even at home if you have collected some! Ideal for inside or out!

Photo by S Goswick on Unsplash

🌀 Wheeee! Dance in the sand barefoot! Your footprints will make a physical imprint of a circle around a certain area in the sand, and by dancing you raise your own positive energy up ready to be used in the magick you are performing! Give it a go!

🌀 Bang! Drumming up a circle! I love using a small drum to help me to raise energy before any magickal workings. But why not take two stones and clap them together to mimic a drum sound, raise that energy girl! (or go guy!) Clap them good!.

More common ideas: Create a circle with shells, stones, driftwood, or feathers.  

Collect driftwood and create a stick pentagram, stand inside to cast your net of magick. Or if you’re on a beach with stones, why not dig a hole big enough for you to stand or sit inside to be your magickal ditch! 

Do you cast a circle before any magickal work? If not , why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts and get another perspective! 

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May your circles remain strong, Faithy xx

The Uncomfortableness of Witchcraft: Why So Many Practice Alone

Merry Meet my lovelies,  

Have you ever wondered why there are so many solitary witches out there now? Whereas traditionally a witch would always be part of a coven, as together you can perform bigger more powerful spells.

I have recently read a comment on reddit about a lady who is very self-conscious about her craft, which got me thinking….is this why so many witches are solitary witches?

Yes, this is a bit of a psychological post, but bare with me! It’s written from a mix of my thoughts and of other witches I know. I’ve broken down this blog into five common problems which answer the above question as to why so many now don’t join covens, I then offer advice to each problem,  to help fellow witches understand these normal thoughts which occur when practicing the craft. So let’s get real, and explore this common witch dilemma further!

Problem One: Uncomfortable Sharing Magickal Workings

In some parts of the world, it is still seen as taboo to practice witchcraft, the practitioner can feel vulnerable when starting to practice in a group. There are some things people are happy to practice and share, as they are more widely accepted, such as tarot readings or rune readings. But get out the wand and start chanting and all confidence goes! 

Do you ever doubt your practice? Or feel self-conscious, especially when in a group setting? 

Advice: Taking into account all of the above feelings, it is commonly known that with time, practice and experience these can be overcome, as you grow more confident in yourself and how to practice the craft. These thoughts mainly relate to baby witches, new witches coming to the craft who have not found themselves yet but it can also be a deep root to any practicing witch who has experienced a lack of acceptance in their craft and who has hidden their true selves from the world. 

A note on self-consciousness, it is human nature to be unsure of yourself, especially in front of people you do not know. I find that in a coven, there is often a transition period where you get to know each coven member individually, rather than it being daunting and throwing yourself into a big group of strangers and performing a big complex ritual. The bond between coven members needs to first be developed so that the magick performed together has a stronger connection and combined energy as one.

Problem Two: The Fear of Coming Out

Do you worship the devil? Witchcraft is wrong. Did you put a spell on me? Magick isn’t real.

These are just some of the things that you will come across when starting as a witch, a lot of people do not understand witchcraft, they only compare it to what they see on TV or on traditional beliefs and the past. The world is changing and so is witchcraft, it is extremely flexible and not one witch practices the same as another.

This fear is something I have personally struggled with, in the early years of practicing, still, now people do not like, understand or accept my path. But I soon learnt that you have to accept differences of opinion, no matter what they think or yours, it is part of you, just because you have different beliefs it doesn’t mean that you don’t still have other things in common. You’ll be amazed how much you do, learning to be open about other people’s beliefs is a valuable lesson here, you may not agree with it but you can accept that it is one part of them and important to them. 

It is so much easier to stay in that broom closet and not have to face any of the feelings mentioned in this blog, or judgement of others for your beliefs. But you will need to be out of the crystal cupboard before joining a coven, remember that many members in the coven have been where you are now, they can help. 

Advice: This is who you are at your core, you are a witch, no matter how much you hide it, it is still who you are. You have to be true to yourself and fully embrace it, no matter what others think or say. You will grow more, feel free and gain confidence if you first accept this and who you truly are. It is hard to be in a coven when you only have one foot in the water, you need to be fully present and open, for yourself and your other coven members. They will not hide who they are, so you cannot expect them to help hide who you are. You need to take that big scary step and shout it out on the rooftops! You do you!

Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

Problem Three- The Inexperienced 

Have you ever felt embarrassed to make a mistake or that you will do something wrong?  It seems many feel that it is best to have a wide knowledge before joining a coven, so that you have more experience practicing and are a master in a certain area. Some common thoughts are that inexperienced or new witches should not be in a coven until they have learnt the basics of the craft. 

Advice: A few words of wisdom about witchcraft is messy and beautiful, there is no right way to practice, no mistakes made. You are a witch regardless of if you know every way to cast a healing spell, it is all a learning process. That is the joy of covens, you can share the knowledge you have and develop quicker if you are in one. Covens are meant to help teach and nurture your talents to grow, experienced witches are happy to pass on knowledge to new witches, it’s great to have a mentor. And let’s not forget that no matter how hard you try, you may never master a certain skill or topic, just know the basics about it. So inexperience of the craft is no excuse not to join one! This fear is holding you back from being in an amazing coven and becoming a respected member, even if you are inexperienced.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Problem Four: The Unmatchable 

Finding like-minded witches or a coven can be hard. As the craft is so vast in the different areas you can practice and learn about, this is a major problem to finding a coven to suit you. 

Advice: You may never find a traditional coven, thirteen witches who meet up once a week in-person to create wonderful magick together to change the world for the better! Covens come in many different forms, as long as there are two or more people it can be a coven! 

The most active covens out there are actually online covens, whether it’s a Facebook group, skype group or a group of friends who are spread across the world, online covens can be great too! You have much more choice of choosing an online coven with people from all around the world with different experiences and knowledge of witchcraft, due to the different cultural aspects. You just need to put in the work to find these like-minded witches to suit your own unique beliefs and type of practice you perform. 

I personally love this idea for sharing knowledge but to me, casting spells should be done more together in one place, yes I know I’m more traditional when it comes to covens! But I like to be in the moment, feeling the energy we share, and building it together. I don’t feel it is as effective through digital portals, to me it’s got to be in person. I guess that would make another good blog post to write about! But the popularity of online covens are growing immensely in the witching community, many witches love joining a coven this way, so go check it out, your perfect match could be waiting!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Problem Five – Your Inner Most Thoughts

Many new to the craft see it as a way of personal growth, the popular way to do this is through shadow work, as this is a very intimate and personal journey, this can only be achieved alone. 

Advice: On the flip side, this is only one part of practicing, you can also work on yourself and practice in a coven, who knows you may find answers through other people’s perspectives! I challenge you to try both! You’ll see the overlap and how being in a coven will raise thought-provoking ideas about your personal perspective and inner work. You will learn from others what they see in you, the skills and strengths you never noticed in yourself before. Covens can be used to enhance and delve deeper into your personal shadow work.

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

Problem Six: Negative Vibes Sister

Some just prefer working alone! This is so that they can fully focus on their magick and spells they are casting, solely on their own personal energy. As sometimes you can pick up on others’ negative energy when there is more than one person in the area or judgement from nonwitches. The need to work alone can also stem from being self-conscious when practicing the craft, doubting their craft or even just a dislike to being watched when practicing. The previous problems and advice may help you overcome these thoughts, but it’s good to also remember that some do just prefer working alone!

Advice: This is more a choice than a problem, working alone can give you more freedom to express yourself, be yourself, practice how you wish, improvise, modify and impromptu magick. If you are a fly by the seat of your pants kinda witch, then this may be the only route for you! 

So what are you waiting for, blow out all those fears in one swoop and give a coven a try! What is there to lose? Yet there is so much to gain! If it’s not for you, at least you’ve given it a go.

Do you practice alone? I’d love to hear your reasons for why you do, comment below!

Be Free, Faithy xx

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Re-Love Your Neglected Altar: One Witch’s Hints, Tips and Advice

Do you ever find you make a beautiful altar. and it just sits there? You’re not alone! 

A baby witch recently said to me ”I have a working altar that I never work at. It’s just sitting there” which gave me the idea to create this blog post!

Others have also said to me: ‘’my altar has been untouched for a while. I have felt so disconnected from my magic and path lately’’.

If you have an unused altar, whether you’re just feeling disconnected from magick or are in a bit of a spiritual slump, I completely understand! We have all been there. 

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, not leaving much time to practice your craft to the depth you wish to. But enough is enough! Take back your spiritual energy! It’s time to make the most of your altar and incorporate it into your daily life! Here’s a few suggestions:

Make A Moment:

The first step is getting into a routine of using your altar, the foundation of the craft is remembering to take the time to practice it! Let’s do a self-care routine to prime your magic engine, shall we? Why not start with meditating at your altar, no need for anything at all, just sit in front of it and take that 10 minutes to acknowledge it. You can light a candle, or focus on your altar by doing deep breaths in and out, to ground and settle your mind ready to practice magick.  If you are a little bit unique like me, you can greet your altar, talk to it and speak aloud your intention and purpose for this altar. ‘ You are my source and connection to my desired path, you hold and care for the tools I need to bring my gifts alive’’.


Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Personalize and Customise!

Find a groove that works for you – Sometimes the altar you have is the wrong type of altar for you, try researching an area which you are passionate about, there are plenty to choose from in the craft! Your altar should be unique and fit in with your beliefs and practices. Why not try filling it with a theme close to your heart. Such as, creating a sea altar or perhaps one devoted to fairies, what is your thing? You want it to be a happy place, somewhere you want to use and go to regularly which brings you joy.

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

It First Starts With You:

You might need to do some inner work before starting your outward craft. Always be patient with yourself, don’t just jump into casting spells on your altar for the sake of it, only do this once you feel ready and when intention strikes! Why not use your altar as a place to write in your journal or to create a book of shadows. Who says it’s only a place to cast spells, not me!


Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

Location, Location, Location!

I’ll let you into a secret…altars don’t need to be fixed! They can move around your house to suit where you are, if you have it in the corner of your front room on a specific table but you never use it, place it smack bang in the middle of your kitchen worktop! So whenever you are cooking you are connecting to your magickal side. If you sprinkle pepper, salt or herbal ingredients on it, as you would whilst cooking, no problem! These ingredients are there for when you want to cast a circle too now, or create a protection jar, your good to go!

My altar gets moved every few months to where I like to work. Sometimes it’s my desk, sometimes it’s in the kitchen, sometimes it’s on my living room table. If it isn’t working for you there, ask yourself where you’ll get the most use out of it. Make your altar somewhere you visit frequently. Every time you light a candle, water your plants, cook a meal or prepare snacks for you children, it’ll then become a magical experience – Put your intention into everything you do in your everyday life.


Image by Borkia from Pixabay 


Yes , you just read the dreaded word! Do you have every witchy item squeezed on top of your altar, so you don’t have enough room to perform spells to make it a working altar? Then this step is for you! It’s time for a witchy detox! Have a clear out, change your altar to suit which spell or mood you are going for. Maybe keep all your items in a cupboard which you are not using, or even have a think about if you really need them, are they the right items to help you become the witch you want to be? Or are they just in the way and you never use them? It’s time to decide!

Image by H. Newberry from Pixabay

Monthly Re-Dazzle:

I find doing this really helps me to focus and see what path I would like to follow and discover, by seeing how my altar changes and develops on each monthly reorganisation. If you are struggling to decide on how to organise your altar, try changing your altar on each Sabbath of the witches wheel of the year, if you follow me on Instagram you will see that I do this! I enjoy making new items for my altar, learning new skills, or foraging for plants and leaves to use to decorate it with. It keeps me in touch with my craft and gets me in the habit of practicing. Give it a go, unlock that creative witch inside of you!


Image by witchinsmall, sea witch altar.

The Perfect Altar:

An altar doesn’t need to be perfect like the ones you see on instagram, especially a working one! They are messy, rough, you will melt wax all over it, you will spill oils onto it, and it all adds to the charm! I find that my perfect picture ready altars don’t end up like that for long, they are more my base and then I’ll add things to it and move it to create a more practical working altar, which is a lot more hectic and messy!


Image by Ann_Milovidova from Pixabay

The Non-Working Altar:

You can of course have an altar which you don’t use at all! But it’s there for you to look at, meditate by,  to make you feel happy inside and to remind you of your beliefs. This is ok! Many witches do not have altars, but rather just perform spells or meditations wherever suits them. You can use your altar more like an anchor than a working space, somewhere you can draw from whenever you are working magick in the house. a place to focus.

Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay

The One and Only Altar:

If you want to have the perfect altar, and a working altar too, then do it! This is your craft, you do you! You can have two, three or four! Large or small, it is up to you. I actually have two at the moment, one set up for the Litha Sabbath, which I use for my Litha rituals and another for my sea witchery magick, which is my main everyday altar I use.

Image by Angeles Balaguer from Pixabay

Hidden Altar:

Are you living in a household environment where you need to hide your practice? Many witches are still in the broom closet, so having an altar out in the open isn’t an option. If this is you, you need to be comfortable with where you set up your altar. Try creating a mini altar in a make-up box, which you can keep in the bathroom for privacy or a hidden spot. I like the bathroom as it’s private, it has running water, cleansing energy and a bath. Most spells can be performed as part of bath magick. Or how about, using photographs instead of physical magickal items. These are easy to store away hidden within other books. Or perhaps, paint symbols on stones relating to your craft, then turn them over and use them as regular stone decoration around indoor plants. Where there is a witchy will, there is a hidden way!  

Do I need an altar?

Ah the great debate, is it a witchy yes or a witchy no??…. No! But you are a witch, your whole world is your altar! This common misconception is not true at all, as a witch, nature is our altar, every object is our tool, our altar is everywhere! So if you really do not get on with the suggestions above and still feel you don’t use your altar, maybe consider not having one at all 🙂 Simply a place to store all your witchy items will work, or even just having them dotted about your house is good too!

So get cracking, now you’re ready to make the altar work for you, in the best possible way it can! 

Also, why not share the love and repost this blog on twitter to help other witches rediscover their love of their altar space! Or alternatively, leave a comment and let me know how you have transformed your altar since reading this blog. 

If you’re reading this post and it has popped in your mind that the reason you haven’t used your altar is because you are self-conscious about practicing your craft, take a look at my next post which discusses this common witch dilemma! 

Happiness Always, Faithy xx

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Easy Ideas for the Busy Witch = Full Moon Magick

If you are like me, and often forget that there is a full moon coming up, or have just missed one. That’s ok! Life gets in the way, especially if you have a family, children to look after and a full-time job on top to contend with. It happens to the best of us. Don’t beat yourself up. 

Breathe……And remember you’re not alone!

Just remember you are magick, everyone has missed a moon on two, it doesn’t make you any less of a witch! It’s not your first moon, and it hopefully won’t be your last, there will be another one next month. 

Good news is that the full moon usually lasts three days. The moon may have been at its fullest yesterday, but it will still be as powerful and full the next day.  Or if you’re on the ball, the day before or even during the day will work as well! 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay – Edited by Witchinsmall

Here are some suggestions you can do if you’ve just missed one or realised last minute it’s a full moon tonight. Thanks to the news or reminder on social media! 

🌙 Grab all your crystals and chuck them on the windowsill – ready to be cleansed – sorted!

🌙 Fill up a glass bowl, bottle or cup with water, pop that on the windowsill or outside – voila ! moon water.

🌙 Sometimes the simplest magick is the best: Look out the window up at the moon, say hello to her, ask her to grant a wish, and bask in her beauty – The moon has been respected and acknowledged, you’ve got this witchy stuff down pat now! 

🌙 Light a candle, whilst focusing on the moon take several deep breaths or even meditate for a bit, centering yourself. 

🌙 Rest and Recharge – The earth becomes recharged under the full moon, just like your crystals do. So why not take this time to do the same every month for yourself, take a relaxing bath, pamper yourself, follow the cycle of the moon by doing as she does – get in touch/ sync with her 🙂 

🌙Easy Peasy Self-care – 10-minute full moon cleansing shower, washing away negativity and breathing in positivity, you can do this any time of day and it always feels good. 

🌙 Sit outside and read under the moonlight. 

🌙 Everyones gotta eat right? Why not draw a sigil relating to the moon with cooking oil onto a frying pan before you fry something, this will seal the sigil into your food you were about to cook and eat anyway – Ta-Da! – Easy moon ritual.

🌙Music – Do you like to dance, or find you tend to dance around to music anyway? Perfect! Do a moon dance on the full moon! Throw on your favourite tunes and celebrate her!

🌙 Do you need to clean or like cleaning? Use the full moon energy to cleanse the house of clutter, dirt, etc

🌙Do you draw or do some kind of art? Make something depicting the energy, deities, stars, anything and acknowledge the moons inspirations!

🌙Give a portion of your daily coffee or tea to the earth as an offering to the moon. 

🌙 Invoke the Moon – Whilst standing outside under the moon, reach up and open your arms wide, welcoming in the moon’s energy into yourself. Say: ‘Goddess Moon, I bathe in your delight, bare me with your blessed energy tonight, as I reach far to you, I am your vessel please honor me too’. 

🌙 Moon Journal – Every full moon, sit and write down things you’ve learnt for the last month, the best things about last month, the worst and what you’d like to do for the next. Let it all out, use the moon’s energy to clear your emotions and reset for the next month to start afresh! 

Tip – Take the things you love and do already, and put the intention or dedication behind them to incorporate full moon magick into them!

Too late to do something for this moon? No sweat! Start planning and preparing your ritual for the next moon! You can be that super prepared organised, witch!

Don’t forget, it’s not always about the moon, magick is about the everyday. Why not do something just as magickal tomorrow!  

So what’s your excuse for not doing something on the full moon? Go get your witchy onnn! 

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

I’d love to know your thoughts about this post, comment below! And let me know if you tried some of these ideas for this full moon 🙂

Light and Love xx

Cover Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Use Your Wishing Stones

Let’s talk about wishing stones

A wishing stone is a stone with a perfect white circle all the way around it without any splits or gaps in the circle. The stone can be any size and any shape but must have this distinct circle around it to be a wishing stone. 

Location – Wishing stones can be found anywhere but are usually easily found on the beach. The idea is to make a wish and release the stone back into nature, so that someone else can find it and make a wish too. And of course, half the fun is searching for them! 

Photo by John Salzarulo on Unsplash

❶ To Make a Wish! – Hold the stone in your hand, close your eyes and make a wish. Once the wish is made, throw it back into the sea as far as you can see. Or alternatively, put it back into the earth, to return your wish to the elements. 

❷ Joint Wish – For an additional kick, why not use a wishing stone to visualise a wish with a friend! Using the same process as above but holding it in both your hands instead.

❸ Meditation Tool – This stone was made in the sea, it embodies both the Earth and Water elements, which make it a great meditation tool! Holding the wishing stone you can meditate and connect to the water element , focus your mind on the calmness of the ocean, the smoothness of the stone, the weight it carries, use this to guide your meditation and relaxation.

❹  A Wishing Spell – As wishing stones come from the sea, this stone is already purified and ready to work with straight away! Draw a symbol on the stone related to your wish, you can also anoint the stone using wishing oil or success, for an extra boost.  Think of your wish, and say out loud – Thank You – seven times, as if you have been granted your wish already. Keep the stone in an open area. Repeat the process every few days until your wish is granted. 

❺ Wishing Gift – Collecting these can make a lovely gift for friends and family. Enchant the stone with your energy, just like a talisman , when the individual receives the gift, your energy will help the wish be granted. Just don’t forget to tell them to make the wish!

But I don’t live by the sea, you may be thinking, well good news!  If you do not live by the sea or water, you simply say the wish out loud, and throw it as hard as you can eastward to activate the wish. Simple! 

Alternatively, if a wish is for home protection you could bury it in your garden to activate the wish and water it with seawater. 

Finished with your wishing stone? Just wash it in salt water and give it back to nature or throw it in the sea! 

So what are you waiting for, go get searching and make a wish! Because who doesn’t need a wish right? 

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below, or if there are any sea magick areas you wish for me to write about!

If you enjoyed this post, check out my other post on Hag Stones!

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Why Hag Stones are the New Black: Are they Making a Comeback?

Greetings, witchy novices and all, this is my first blog post! Be kind! And welcome to my new blog site 🙂 

Before we begin, just what are Hag Stones? 

A Hag Stone is a must have in your witches collection! These are stones with holes running straight through them. For a stone to have magickal properties and to be a Hag Stone, these holes need to be created by nature, not man made. 

This popular stone is often found on the beach, formed from the crashing waves eroding the crystals in the stone to form a hole, but can be found in dry riverbeds too, where the constant action of flowing water causes the erosive hole. Hag Stones are also called the Witches stone, Holy stones, Snake Eggs, Adder stones, Hex stones and Eye stones!

It is said that Hag Stones find you, especially when you are in need of their magick and some believe that it is a blessing from the Greek goddess, Diana the huntress,   if you come across one. 

Photo Credit: Witchinsmall

Now for the ultimate question: Are Hag Stones making a comeback? Yes, yes they are! And it’s about time too in this blogger’s view. Hag Stones have been around since the dawn of time, known for their natural powers, and will continue to be here long after us. 

But why are Hag Stones so popular now? This reappearance and long lost love for Hag Stones, is because the witch community has boomed with sudden information and posts about Hag Stones. The same traditional information which our ancestors have known for generations, has become more mainstream. Just like the new ‘Superfood’ trend, Hag Stones have come into the witches spotlight! 

So if your thinking – Why is my instagram or facebook feed blowing up with pictures of these things called Hag Stones? Now you know! It’s just a phase in the witching community bringing the information to light. Just like moon water, travel altars, and altars in a cup!  

But what the heck do you do with a Hag Stone? I’m here to help!

Get this: If you fit a stick perfectly through the hole, and throw it into the sea, this is a powerful love spell where your true love will come to you. That’s right! It can be used to perform a simple love spell!

Photo Credit: Witchinsmall

Still not convinced they should be making a comeback? Well let me show you some of the many uses for this fabulous stone: 

Fertility – Tie a Hag Stone to the end of your bed to aid conception. Have you found a very large Hag Stone, one you can walk through? Great! They are rare but perfect to help conception if you hold hands with your partner and walk through. 

Evil Eye – Wear to ward against the evil eye.

Protection – Evil spirits? Not anymore! Just use Hag Stones in spells and warding, carry as a protective amulet, help rheumatism and cramps by placing one under your bed. 

Healing – Hang on your bed or put under your pillow to heal your mind, body and spirit when you’re sleeping. 

Truth Be Mine – Known as an oath-stone, when holding the stone the bearer is forced to tell the truth.

Power Boost – Use their energy to regenerate yours, after all they hold the power of the water and sea within them! Also boost any spellwork by including this wonderful item. 

Earthy – Incorporate into your practice to enhance your earth magick. 

Worry Not – Use it as a palm stone for anxiety or worry, follow the natural circle with your thumb, holding it in your left hand, rubbing clockwise and feel the worry leave you swirling through the hole. 

I See You – It is said if you look through a Hag Stone, hanging on a red cord, that you can see beyond the veil to reveal fairies or all magickal creatures you can not normally see.

Grant Wishes – Soak the Hag Stone in salt water under the full moon, when you gaze through the hole, your wish goes directly to the moon goddess to be granted.

Be Gone Thy Witch –  Hag Stones were even used to ward against witches! Often fishing boats were found to have them for this reason. Crazy right!? 

To top it off, I like to use these in good luck or safe travels spells, and love to make them into necklaces for my friends and family too! 

In a nutshell, Hag Stones are making a comeback! The many uses these marvelous stones have to introduce into your witching practice is endless, they are a gift to find and are completely free! So let’s all give them their 5 minutes of fame in the spotlight and share the knowledge about these versatile stones, because they deserve to be there! 

What do you like to do with Hag Stones? Share you positive tips or ideas  – they are most welcome 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, why not share it with your friends on social media?

Do come and check out my second post next week, which is going to be on Wishing Stones! 

Blessed Be

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